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Amanda Dunbar

Amanda Dunbar moved to Allen when she was 12 years old and quickly became a child prodigy artist. Ms. Dunbar began oil painting under the tutelage of Mr. Ferguson at Ford Middle School. By the end of two summers she had created close to 100…

Angela Poen

Angela Poen is the Founder and Board President of Community Garden Kitchen of Collin County, the first free kitchen in the area serving freshly prepared meals to children, college students, seniors and anyone else in the community who is experiencing…

Angela Richardson-Wood

Angela Richardson-Woods served on the McKinney City Council from Dec 2020 to May 2021 for District 1, this appointment marks Mrs. Richardson-Woods as the first Black woman to serve on the council. Previously Mrs. Richardson-Woods served as the…

Angelia Pelham

Angelia Pelham currently serves on Frisco City Council Deputy Mayor Pro Tem, Place 3. Her election in 2021 to this position made her the first Black woman to hold this seat in Frisco history.

Councilwoman Pelham is highly active in both her…

Armentha Norris

Armentha Norris is known for being the first Frisco ISD School Health Coordinator as well as establishing the school health program and nursing system in 1978.

Due to her efforts the school health program created an immunization program, a…

Averie Bishop

Ms. Averie Bishop. born & raised in McKinney, made history as the first Asian American woman to win the Miss Texas pageant in 2022. Her social platform as Miss Texas is the "Yall Means All" campaign to have every child in Texas fulfil the desire to…

Bertha Bailey

Bertha Bailey was a well-loved cornerstone of the educational system in McKinney. Mrs. Bailey served MISD for 30 years before her passing with many students considering her as a second mother.

During her career, she was responsible for creating a…

Beth Mack Bentley

Beth Mack Bentley has become an integral person in the preservation of the history of McKinney. When noticing the rapid rate of local history becoming forgotten Mrs. Bentley and other community members formed the group "Legacy Keepers of Old East…