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Sue Wilson Stafford

Sue Wilson Stafford was a longtime Frisco ISD teacher and advocate for those in need. She taught at the elementary, middle school and high school levels and served as the district’s Migrant Education Coordinator from 1983-94.

At the time of her…

Ruth Marie Borchardt

Ruth McCormick Borchardt was born in 1906 in an area that is now part of The Colony. After living in West Texas for 12 years, Mrs. Borchardt and her family moved back to the Frisco area in 1918. She attended school in Frisco, graduating from Frisco…

Reba Cobb-Carroll

Reba Cobb-Carroll was born and raised in Frisco. When her children started elementary school, Reba joined the Frisco Parent Teacher Association, serving as vice president and president for two years each.

She began her career in FISD as secretary…

Portia Ross Taylor


Portia Ross Taylor was a longtime and beloved teacher at the Hamilton School, a school that served students in the Black community from 1924 until Frisco ISD integrated in 1964.

Mrs. Taylor was one of two teachers and taught students in grades…

Polly Tadlock

Polly Tadlock taught in Frisco schools from 1968 to 1989, working at both Acker and Rogers elementary schools. Mrs. Tadlock was known for following her students as they entered adulthood, Polly tried to be there for her students at the various…

Mary Muriel Boals

Mary Muriel Boals moved to Frisco in 1942, at which time she began teaching English at Frisco High School. During this time, she was also sponsor of the senior class, which included being responsible for senior day activities and graduation.


Joyce Kelley Comstock

Joyce Kelley Comstock was an early pioneer of special education in Frisco ISD. She made up the entire special education department at Frisco High School in the mid-80s.

Mrs. Comstock retired from FISD after 45 years in education and enjoyed a…

Isabel Sem

Isabel Pierce Sem moved to Frisco in 1974 at which time she became involved in the Young Homemakers and the Parent Teacher Association. She was later encouraged to run for election onto the Frisco school board. While her first run was unsuccessful…