Cohen's Ad


The ads for saloons were interesting and unique to the time period. Here is an example from the Democrat newspaper from 1898. "If you want to drink liquor, drink pure liquor, old liquor, something that will not make you sick, wild or wooly. I carry the largest stock of selected standard brands of liquors, wines, cigars, brandy, gins and alcohol. It would take too much space to mention every name of standard brands of liquors and wines; But call and look and let me give you prices and show you qualities and gager's certificates to prove to you the age of the goods. I strictly guarantee every bottle or gallon of liquor, wine or any thing you buy of me to be pure and to come up just as I represent it to be or no sale, as I came here with a reputation as a legitimate and honest business man, and I will proved to you by several times dealing to be that, nothing else. My word is my fortune and I would not lose it for any fortune upon the earth.

Mr. Dorsey Gordon and Mr. Gabe Staggs are both working for me and they heartily extend their invitation to their friends to call and see them. Our place is open all night always ready to serve you. Yours respectfully, I Cohen, Proprietor, McKinney Liquor House.