Bomb Story


In 1909, the McKinney Courier-Gazette recounted a story of a bomb and a surprise. The newspaper article prints the tale told by Yancy Powell about some mischievous lads, who weren’t vicious but always looking for opportunities to play pranks. Powell explained that the boys had procured a fake giant firecracker. Deciding to play a prank on the barman, they placed the firecracker on the bar in an unnamed saloon asking if they could light the fuse. The barman, thinking he was too wise to fall for the trick, agreed. All the customers ran off to the other end of the saloon, while the barman stayed behind the bar. To everyone’s surprise the firecracker exploded leaving a huge hole in the mahogany bar and shattering a $300 French mirror along with leaving the saloon in disarray. The boys never found out who switched the fake firework for a real one.