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Mary Alice Skaggs

Mrs. Mary Alice Skaggs first began working for Plano High School in 1930 and after taking a short break in 1942 she returned to Plano High School to become a driving force within the school. She is recognized as the first teacher in Plano to earn a…

Martha Hunt

Mrs. Martha Hunt (left) served the Plano Independent School District for 42 years. She began her career in education as a teacher at Mendenhall Elementary. She later served as the district’s Math Curriculum Coordinator and returned to Mendenhall…

Bettye Haun

Bettye Haun was employed as the first secretary in Plano public schools in 1957 by Superintendent of Schools, E.A. Sigler. She worked as school board secretary and administrative assistant until her retirement in 1996. In recognition of her…

Loreta Hickey

Loreta Hickey worked for the Plano Independent School District forty years. She served the district as a teacher, Vocational Education Supervisor, Director of Career Education and Interim Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum. In 2002, Mrs.…

Dr. Myrtle Hightower

Dr. Myrtle Hightower worked in McKinney and Plano Independent School District for over 30 years as a teacher, counselor, and diversity counselor.

Throughout her career she established the districts first diversity committee and Martin Luther King,…

Rebecca Egelston Caso

Rebecca Egelston Caso is a Plano real estate agent with over 25 years of community engagement.

She has received the Citizen of the Year and Distinguished Leader Award from the Plano Chamber of Commerce and was named to the Top Ten Women of Collin…

Sara Egelston Akers

Sara Egelston Akers is the founder of Plano Children’s Theatre, now known as the North Texas Performing Arts. NTPA is the largest children’s theatre in the county, and one of the first to allow students with disabilities to participate in modified…