Mary Alice Skaggs

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Mrs. Mary Alice Skaggs first began working for Plano High School in 1930 and after taking a short break in 1942 she returned to Plano High School to become a driving force within the school. She is recognized as the first teacher in Plano to earn a master’s degree.

Within Plano High School Mrs. Skaggs, the sponsor for both the Planoian Yearbook and Junior Thursday Study Club, a literary club for girls. Under her leadership the Planoian Yearbook was published on a yearly basis with only the 1944 edition missing due to a paper shortage during World War II. The Junor Thursday Study Club began to serve as Red Cross Hospital aides during the war.

In 1958, she was awarded the Teacher of the Year. Mary Alice Skaggs retired in 1970. She was honored in 1996 with an elementary school named in her honor, and in 2000 she was recognized as one of Plano ISD's "100 Heroes"





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