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  • Source is exactly "The Lion Yearbook, 1988-1989"

Students at Homecoming Dance, 1988

1988 dance.JPG
"Students enjoy the dance after Homecoming victory!"

Homecoming Queen Deanna Berry, 1988

1988 queen.JPG
Senior Deanna Berry was voted to be Homecoming Queen. The announcement was made during the football game.

Homecoming Queen Nominees, 1988

1988 queen nominees.JPG
As tradition, four seniors where nominated in 1988 for Homecoming Queen.

Lion Homecoming Float, 1988

1988 float.JPG
With a lion perched atop a throne, this parade float says to "Condemn the Cougars".

FFA Float in Homecoming Parade, 1988

1988 parade FFA.JPG
The FFA Homecoming Parade float proudly says that McKinney FFA backs the blue and gold.