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Homecoming Queen Nominees, 2007

The five homecoming queen nominees pose for a photo together at the game.

Homecoming Nominees at Football Game, 1997

1997 nominees at game.JPG
"Homecoming nominees lined up for a picture after winners were announced." The winners were Derrick Jeter for King, Jamie Critchfield for Queen, Rob Sayles for Beau, and Jamie Linxwiler for Sweetheart.

Homecoming Queen Nominees in Parade, 1997

1997 Nominees.JPG
"Just excited to be there, queen nominees Courtney Hickman, Holley Creath, Jamie Critchfield, and Courtney Abernathy wave to onlookers at the Homecoming Parade."

Homecoming Nominee Jenny Binion and Escort Ryan Bona, 1993

1993 nominee and escort.JPG
"Ryan Bona was honored to escort Homecoming nominee Jenny Binion around the track."

Homecoming Queen Nominees and Escorts, 1992

1992 queen nominees.JPG
"The nominees for 1992 Homecoming Queen and their escorts are Amye Broyles, Mike Cremin, Tiffany Buki, Steve Hargrave, Wendy Fisher, Mark Lynn, Cindy Sexton, Ray McKowen, Erica Tate, and Jason Duran."

Homecoming Queen Nominees, 1991

1991 Nominees.JPG
"Homecoming Queen nominees pose with their escorts on the sidelines. L-R: Michael Newsome, Joanna Joplin, Eric Gonzales, Renee Hernandez, Greg Reeder, Andrea Garza, Jose Escamilla, Amy Garza, Jed Halverson, and Leticia Gantt.

Homecoming Queen Nominees, 1990

1990 Queen nominees.JPG
The Homecoming Queen nominees anxiously await the announcement with their escorts.

Homecoming Queen Nominees, 1988

1988 queen nominees.JPG
As tradition, four seniors where nominated in 1988 for Homecoming Queen.