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[McKinney FFA at Wild Adventures: On the Farm, 2021]

McKinney FFA students at the Wild Adventures: On the Farm event.

Homecoming Parade Floats, 2005

2005 parade floats.JPG
Many participated in the homecoming parade include floats for swimming, German Club, HOSA, Freshman class, Sophomore class, Junior class, Senior class, FFA, Softball, and the marching band.

Magen Scott Carrying Balloons to the FFA Homecoming Carnival Booth, 2008

Magen Scott carries bag full of colorful balloons to the FFA booth at the homecoming carnival.

FFA Members on the FFA Homecoming Float, 2001

Riding on their float, FFA members look into the audience during the Homecoming Parade.

FFA Float in Homecoming Parade, 1992

1992 FFA float.JPG
"Whoa, where did that cow come from? FFA sure can round up some cattle."

FFA Float in Homecoming Parade, 1988

1988 parade FFA.JPG
The FFA Homecoming Parade float proudly says that McKinney FFA backs the blue and gold.