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Andrew Warren's Playing in Battle of the Bands, 2009

Strobe lights gleam off junior Andrew Warren's saxophone as he competes with the Donner Party Animals.

Justin Montgomery Playing in Battle of the Bands, 2008

Deep in concentration, senior Justin Montgomery performs with his band, Noise Under Silence.

Jared Johnson Performing in Battle of the Bands, 2007

Singer and songwriter junior Jared Johnson holds a note in an original song written by his band.

Nick Weyrens During Battle of the Bands, 2006

With the crowd on its feet, senior Nick Weyrens takes a step back from the mike during his guitar solo.

Seniors sing 'American Pie' at Battle of the Bands, 2001

2001 BOB American Pie.JPG
"Showing off their midriffs, seniors Chirs Sarris and Eddie Lydon sing American Pie at the Battle of the Bands. Planning to make their last year at McKinney fun, they decided to become cheerleaders together for homecoming."

Jonathan Hart at Battle of the Bands, 1998

1998 BoB winner.JPG
"Competing for the win, junior Jonathan Hart, a member of Sack Lunch, plays his saxophone. 'All of the other bands were very talented,' said Jonathan. 'We were fortunate to win.'"

Thomas Gardner Performing at Battle of the Bands, 2006

Thomas Gardner performs with his band Cyndrom at Batle of the Bands.