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Homecoming Queen Jane Woods, 1979

1979 Queen Jane.JPG
Senior Jane Woods is named Homecoming Queen in 1979.

Homecoming Queen Holly Wilkins, 1980

1980 Queen Holly.JPG
Homecoming Queen winner Holly Wilkins

Homecoming Queen Nominees, 1980

1980 queen nominees.JPG
The Homecoming Queen nominees for 1980 are Christy Phipps, Tori Thompson, and Laurie Huffman.

Homecoming Parade Float, 1980

"Put the heat on Terrell" says this float from the Homecoming Parade of 1980.

Homecoming Queen Nominees, 1981

The Homecoming Queen nominees were Debbie Vitz, Shelly Stinson, and Karen Cox in 1981.

Darla Tholcken Crowned Homecoming Queen, 1981

Darla Tholcken was elected Homecoming Queen in 1981.

Homecoming Bonfire, 1983

"Students enjoy the annual bonfire the night before the big game."

Homecoming Queen Nominees, 1983

"Tandi Tucker, Tame Terrell, Debbie Hart and Julie Harris show excitement in their faces as they prepare to be announced as Homecoming Queen nominees."