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Doty School Homecoming Party, 1959

1959 Doty Nominees.JPG
Pictured are members of Doty High School Homecoming Party. Reading from left to right are: Leonard J. Wattley, escort of Miss Annie Williams (an attendant); Miss Lois Davis (an attendant) and her escort, Paul Brown; Charles Johnson, escorting "Miss…

Drum Major at Homecoming Bonfire, 1987

1988 drum major at bonfire.JPG
"Senior Karl Schindler directs the band during the bonfire."

FFA Float in Homecoming Parade, 1988

1988 parade FFA.JPG
The FFA Homecoming Parade float proudly says that McKinney FFA backs the blue and gold.

FFA Float in Homecoming Parade, 1992

1992 FFA float.JPG
"Whoa, where did that cow come from? FFA sure can round up some cattle."

Football Players Running Through Banner, 1990

1990 Football team takes the field.JPG
"The Lions burst onto the field with a roar."


Freshman Clown Parade Float, 1992

1992 Freshman float.JPG
"Are they clowns? Are they freshman? Is there a difference?"

Freshman Homecoming Parade Float, 1990

1990 Freshman float.jpg
"The Freshman class' First Place Float "Rock Up the Cougars."

Headhunters Encourage Football Team, 1999

1999 Headhunters.JPG
"Cheering the team on, tuxes and all, the headhunters encourage the team at homecoming. Seniors John Cannon, Justin McKinney, Zach Owens, Ben Keyworth, and Kit Broussard got dressed up in light of the homecoming activities."