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Saloon Tour - Cohen's Ad

The ads for saloons were interesting and unique to the time period. Here is an example from the Democrat newspaper from 1898. "If you want to drink liquor, drink pure liquor, old liquor, something that will not make you sick, wild or wooly. I carry…

Saloon Tour - Elm Saloon

The Elm Saloon was located on the east side of McDonald Street. To see the historical marker, visit 346 Virginia Street.

There are many stories about notorious gangs and outlaws making their way through McKinney. According to the Democrat…

Saloon Tour - Cole's Saloon

Bar fights are associated with saloons in the late 1800s. McKinney saloons had their fair share of fights but rarely did they shake the citizens. In 1890, according to the Democrat newspaper, two stand up citizens, George Howell and Frank McGill, got…

Saloon Tour - Monarch Saloon

While there aren't many pictures of the saloons that used to be around the McKinney Square, in this picture between the bookstore and Smith Bros. Drugs is the Monarch Saloon.

Saloon Tour Introduction

People began settling in the McKinney area around 1842 mainly to raise livestock and crops. By 1848 McKinney had incorporated as a town and was designated as the County Seat for Collin County. As the downtown square became a hub for purchasing goods…

[SRP Flyer, 2021]

A flyer promoting the McKinney Summer Reading Program theme "Wild Adventures". After the summer of 2020, the McKinney Public Library began to create their own SRP themes.

[SRP Flyer, 2018]

A flyer promoting the Texas Summer Reading Program theme "Libraries Rock".

[SRP Flyer, 2017]

A flyer promoting the Texas Summer Reading Program theme "Build a Better World".