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Kristen Spoonts During the Powder Puff Game, 2001

2001 Powder Puff game.JPG
"Intensely focused, sophomore Kristen Spoonts listens to instruction at the Powder Puff game. The sophomores beat the freshman."

Katy Blakey Singing National Anthem, 2001

2001 Pledge.JPG
"At the homecoming game, Katy Blakey sings the national anthem along with her fellow nominees."

Homecoming Queen Betsy Sexton, 2001

2001 Queen.JPG
"Surrounded by the rest of the homecoming court and nominees, queen Betsy Sexton smiles for the crowd after the crowning."

Adam Hines Congratulates Johnny Quinn On Winning Homecoming King, 2001

2001 King.JPG
"Following the halftime ceremony, Adam Hines congratulates Johnny Quinn on his winning homecoming king."

Travis Robertson Cheers at Powder Puff Game, 2001

2001 Cheering for Powder Puff game.JPG
"Showing school spirit, junior Travis Robertson cheers the junior girls on by clapping at the Powder Puff game. The juniors place the seniors and lost 0-14."

Seniors sing 'American Pie' at Battle of the Bands, 2001

2001 BOB American Pie.JPG
"Showing off their midriffs, seniors Chirs Sarris and Eddie Lydon sing American Pie at the Battle of the Bands. Planning to make their last year at McKinney fun, they decided to become cheerleaders together for homecoming."

Tuba Player, Michael Moore, in Homecoming Parade, 2000

2000 Tuba in parade.JPG
"Marching in the homecoming parade, sophomore Michael Moore plays his tuba."

Sarah Wyatt and Shaquana Brown at Homecoming Dance, 2000

2000 Homecoming dance.JPG
"Juniors Sarah Wyatt and Shaquana Brown get their groove on at the homecoming dance."