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Holy Family School, 1997

"Manuela Ponce reads a story to students at Holy Family School in 1997. the non-profit, non denominational school was started in the 1950s as :a escuelita, the Little School, in Old McKinney's La Loma neighborhood."

Homecoming Queen Nominees in Parade, 1997

1997 Nominees.JPG
"Just excited to be there, queen nominees Courtney Hickman, Holley Creath, Jamie Critchfield, and Courtney Abernathy wave to onlookers at the Homecoming Parade."

Color Guard in Homecoming Parade, 1997

1997 Flag line in parade.JPG
"Marching ahead of the band, with their flags raised proudly in the air, the color guard prepares for their next move. The color guard got new uniforms and performed to a Saturday Morning Cartoon theme for half-time shows."

Cinco de Mayo Proclamation Signing, 1997

"Mayor John Gay signs a proclamation declaring May 3, 1997, the official day for McKinney's Cinco de Mayo celebration. With Mayor Gay are League of United Latin American Citizens members, from left: Leonard Gonzalez, president; Mike Pardon, second…

[Musician Gerald Edmundson Performing, 1997]

Gerald Edmundson playing the accordion for young patrons.

[Storyteller Sandy Shrout, 1997]

Sandy Shrout telling a story to a group of young patrons for a 1997 summer reading program event.

[Traphene Hickman Performing a Story, 1997]

Traphene Hickman performing a story for a 1997 summer reading program event.

[Summer Reading Program Winners, 1997]

The summer reading program winners and their certificates.