Rita Smith

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Rita Gallagher Smith was a dedicated member of the Wylie Community, along with her husband Truett Smith.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Smith were passionate about traveling, and being together.
Even while exploring the world Mr. and Mrs. Smith still stayed connected with their hometown of Wylie, where they were involved with the Chamber of Commerce, Lions club, and St. Anthony’s Catholic Church.

The couple later decided that Wylie needed a library, so he offered to let the city use the upstairs of Mr. Smith's bank. It remained the library’s location for a few years, but when people began having trouble getting up and down the stairs, the city decided it was time for a new building.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith answered once again the call of the city and decided that they would provide the money needed for a new library building. They also bought all of the furniture needed to fill the new Rita and Truett Smith Library.

In 2007, Wylie ISD opened a new elementary school, naming it Rita Smith Elementary in honor of her commitment and dedication to the city of Wylie.





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