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JV Volleyball Team During the Homecoming Parade, 2008

Decked out in cheetah print headbands and jewelry, the JV volleyball team develops their jungle attire for the homecoming parade.

Justin Montgomery Playing in Battle of the Bands, 2008

Deep in concentration, senior Justin Montgomery performs with his band, Noise Under Silence.

Nate Leonard, Matt Opuszenski, Cam Peterson and Anthony Butler, 2007

Hand in hand, sophomore Nate Leonard and seniors Matt Opuszenski, Cam Peterson and Anthony Butler make their way toward the 50 yard line.

Senior Players Cheering During the Powder Puff Game, 2007

The seniors cheer as Jordan King scores her second touch-down in the game against juniors.

Jared Johnson Performing in Battle of the Bands, 2007

Singer and songwriter junior Jared Johnson holds a note in an original song written by his band.

Flute Section in the Homecoming Parade, 2007

Flute section leader Natalia Ellis plays the fight song during the homecoming parade.

Brandon White on the Homecoming Football Float, 2007

Flexing for his fans, junior Brandon White rides on the football float for the homecoming parade.

Bijan Zahedi Prepares the Touchdown Signal, 2006

While waiting for a touchdown signal, senior Bijan Zahedi prepares the siren.