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Meredith Moorman Performing at Homecoming Game, 2009

Captain of the NorthStars Meredith Moorman leads her team out on the field at half time.

Homecoming Queen Samantha Schulien, 2009

After winning homecoming queen, Allison Stubbs hugs her best friend, Samantha Schulien.

Homecoming King Alex Koford, 2009

After hearing his name called for homecoming king, Alex Koford goes up to accept the crown.

Magen Scott Carrying Balloons to the FFA Homecoming Carnival Booth, 2008

Magen Scott carries bag full of colorful balloons to the FFA booth at the homecoming carnival.

Alison Gonzalez at the Homecoming Game, 2007

At the homecoming game against the Forney jackrabbits, Alison Gonzalez walks past the crowd and into the field, follows by the other NorthStars to perform the NorthStars halftime show.

Victoria Parra on the HOSA Homecoming Float, 2007

Victoria Parra holds a homemade needle during the homecoming parade.

Lauree Stewart and Kristin Kudlacek on the Varsity Women's Basketball Float, 2007

During the homecoming parade, Lauree Stewart and Kristin Kudlacek ride the varsity womens basketball float.