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Homecoming Queen Roxa Penland, 1964

1964 queen.JPG
"During the halftime of the McKinney vs. Gainsville game, Senior Roxa Penland was crowned 1964 Homecoming Queen by John Hardin. Amid flagbearing Marquettes and the MHS Band playing 'Tonight,' the four nominees were escorted by their fathers from cars…

Homecoming Queen Jane Woods, 1979

1979 Queen Jane.JPG
Senior Jane Woods is named Homecoming Queen in 1979.

Homecoming Queen Holly Wilkins, 1980

1980 Queen Holly.JPG
Homecoming Queen winner Holly Wilkins

Class of 83's Homecoming Parade Float, 1980

The Class of 1983 Homecoming parade float in 1980 has a tiger bowing to a king lion.

Homecoming Queen Nominees, 1981

The Homecoming Queen nominees were Debbie Vitz, Shelly Stinson, and Karen Cox in 1981.

Darla Tholcken Crowned Homecoming Queen, 1981

Darla Tholcken was elected Homecoming Queen in 1981.

Tami Terrell is Crowned Homecoming Queen, 1983

"Excitement shows as Tami Terrell is crowned Homecoming Queen by Jesse Escamilla, Student Council president."

Homecoming Queen Deanna Berry, 1988

1988 queen.JPG
Senior Deanna Berry was voted to be Homecoming Queen. The announcement was made during the football game.