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Homecoming Queen Sonya Hocker, 1990

1990 Queen Sonya Hocker.JPG
Sonya Hocker was announced as Homecoming Queen in 1990.

Homecoming Queen and Sweetheart Winners, 1991

1991 queen.JPG
During the annual Homecoming game, Mendi Springs was named Football Sweetheart and Joanna Joplin was named Homecoming Queen.

Crowned Homecoming Queen and Football Sweetheart, 1992

1992 Queen and Sweetheart.JPG
"Homecoming Queen Cindy Sexton and Football Sweetheart Christina Maxwell take a spin around the track."

Homecoming Queen Jenny Binion and King Mark Presley, 1993

1993 Queen and King.JPG
"Homecoming Queen, Jenny Binion and King, Mark Presley take their victory ride around the track." This is the first time that a Homecoming King was awarded.

Homecoming King Jeff Fuller and Homecoming Queen Kaylyn Frink , 2007

Homecoming King Jeff Fuller, and Homecoming Queen Kaylyn Frink wearing their crowns and sashes.

Homecoming Queen Haley Chandler, and Homecoming King Weston Eubanks, 2008

Homecoming Queen Haley Chandler, and Homecoming King Weston Eubanks in their crowns and sashes.

Crowning Queen LaQuinthia Nobles and King Clay Teller, 1994

Crowing Queen and King, 1994.JPG
"Homecoming Queen La Quinthia Nobles and King Clay Teller are being crowned by last year's king and queen."