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  • Collection: Collin County - The Way It Was: As Told by the Pioneers Who Lived Its History

Final Collin County Program

An overview of the Collin County—The Way It Was program and the history of Collin County.

4th of July, 1976

A discussion of the 200th anniversary of the country's independence and a reading of the Declaration of Independence

Bill Aaron: McKinney

An interview with Mr. Bill Aaron, a resident of McKinney

The Bois D'Arc Tree

A history of the naming of the bois d'arc tree and its use in Collin County.

Bud Fondren: McKinney

An interview with Mr. Bud Fondren, a resident of McKinney

Clarence Cox: Early McKinney

An interview with Mr. Clarence Cox, a resident of McKinney

Col. Tom Emerson: McKinney

Picture of Tom Emerson
An interview with Colonel Tom Emerson, a resident of McKinney