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Edgar Cornell: Christmas in Early McKinney

[Drawing of Santa Claus]
An interview with Mr. Edgar Cornell, a resident of McKinney, about celebrations of Christmas in early Collin County

Ella Moreland: Altoga

An interview with Mrs. Ella Moreland, a resident of Altoga

Fred Biggs: McKinney

An interview with Mr. Fred Biggs, a resident of McKinney

Gladys Harrington: Plano

[Picture of Gladys Harrington]
An interview with Mrs. Gladys Harrington, a resident of Plano

Grady Mills: Law in McKinney

[Picture of Grady Mills]
An interview with Mr. Grady Mills, a resident of McKinney, about the murder of his brother and the hanging of Ezell Stepp

I-30 Texas History

Interstate 30 sign
A compilation of short radio broadcasts detailing the histories of several Texas cities, counties, and towns in celebration of the areas' inclusion in the listening audience of KBOX FM Dallas

Ira Boren: Frognot

[Picture of five gentlemen setting in front of a building that says "Welcome to Frognot"]
An interview with Mr. Ira Boren, a resident of Frognot

Marshall Watkins: Mule Teams in Texas

[A mule team pulling a wagon of men and "loot"]
An interview with Mr. Marshall Watkins about the history of mule team use in Texas