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Homecoming Queen Nominees, 1979

1979 queen nominees.JPG
Pictured are the 1979 Homecoming Queen Nominees: K.K. Mosby, Lee Ann Evans, and Mitzi McNeil.

Doty School Majorette Squad, Date Unknown

Doty School Majorette Squad, Date Unknown (Photo Black History of McKinney Video Series [2]).jpg
Doty School Majorette Squad

Doty High Mascat and Miss Homecoming, 1942

1942 Doty Mascat and Miss Homecoming.JPG
Pictured are the 1942 Mascat and Miss Homecoming.

Holy Family Church, 1950s

"Father Jose de Jesus Vega is surrounded by the families who attended and help build La Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) church in the 1950s. Altar boys are in the middle. The choir is on the left. Father Vega established the Episcopal mission in…

La Loma Children, 1959

"La Loma residents Onesma Garcia, Margarita Carranza, Anita and Gilda Garcia dressed in their Easter best in 1959. The open space behind them looks south to Virginia Street and beyond."

Mexican Hat Dance, 1958

"Elementary school children dance the Mexican Hat Dance for the high school's "Around the World in Eighty Days" program in March 1958. From left: Modesta Garcia, Pedro Almendarez, Onesma Garcia, and Dionicio Garcia."

First Fiesta Queen, Dominga Coronado, 1950s

"The first Fiesta Queen, Dominga Coronado, was crowned during the 16th of September Festival in the early 1950s. She is flanked by Maids Florencia and Teresa Castro, left, and Butch Castillo, right. Simona and Marth Castillo, left, and Jimmy Gomez,…

Fiesta Dancing, 1950s

"Fiesta Queen Dominga Coronado watches the dancing during the 16th of September Festival in the dances of our heritage at Holy Family (church) when our parents were busy working in the field," remembers Gilda Garza who grew up on La Loma."