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  • Source is exactly "The Lion Yearbook, 1993-1994"

Homecoming Queen Jenny Binion and King Mark Presley, 1993

1993 Queen and King.JPG
"Homecoming Queen, Jenny Binion and King, Mark Presley take their victory ride around the track." This is the first time that a Homecoming King was awarded.

Homecoming Nominee Jenny Binion and Escort Ryan Bona, 1993

1993 nominee and escort.JPG
"Ryan Bona was honored to escort Homecoming nominee Jenny Binion around the track."

Hook the Pirates Float, 1993

1992 Hook the Pirates float.JPG
"The class of '94 displays their idea to "Hook the Pirates" on the senior float. The seniors went on to dazzle the judges and claim first place for the fourth consecutive year."

Marquettes During Homecoming Parade, 1993

1993 Marquettes in parade.JPG
"Marquettes give 100% as they march in unison throughout the streets of McKinney."