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Clarence Cox: Early McKinney Schools

Picture of Clarence Cox
Clarence Cox discusses early schools in McKinney, Texas.

Mrs. Mattie White

[Picture of Mattie White]
An interview with Mrs. Mattie White, a resident of McKinney

Mr. E. B. Nelson: McKinney

[Picture of E. B. Nelson]
An interview with Mr. E. B. Nelson, a resident of McKinney

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Davis: McKinney's Dairy

[Picture of J. W. Davis]
An interview with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Davis, residents of McKinney, about the history of McKinney and their former business, Davis Dairy

Bessie Heard

[Picture of Bessie Heard]
An interview with Ms. Bessie Heard, a resident of McKinney

Benton Staley: Frisco

[Picture of Benton Staley]
An interview with Benton Staley, a resident of Frisco

The Peter's Colony

[Picture of one of the last log cabins of Peter's Colony]
A historical account of the Peters Colony

Mr. and Mrs. H. Knight: Fairview

An interview with Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Knight, residents of Fairview