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4th of July, 1976

A discussion of the 200th anniversary of the country's independence and a reading of the Declaration of Independence

Bud Fondren: McKinney

An interview with Mr. Bud Fondren, a resident of McKinney

Clarence Cox: Early McKinney

An interview with Mr. Clarence Cox, a resident of McKinney

Col. Tom Emerson: McKinney

Picture of Tom Emerson
An interview with Colonel Tom Emerson, a resident of McKinney

D. Mosley: Early Texas

An interview with Mr. D. Mosley, a resident of McKinney

E. G. "Pat" Simpson: Mckinney

E.G. Pat Simpson McKinney.mp3
An interview with Mr. E. G. "Pat" Simpson, a resident of McKinney

Edgar Cornell: Christmas in Early McKinney

[Drawing of Santa Claus]
An interview with Mr. Edgar Cornell, a resident of McKinney, about celebrations of Christmas in early Collin County

Ella Moreland: Altoga

An interview with Mrs. Ella Moreland, a resident of Altoga