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[McKinney Fire Department Visiting the Library, 1998]

McKinney Fire Department visiting summer readers during the 1998 summer reading program.

[Summer Reading Winners from the Chipmunk and Bear Groups, 1998]

Summer reading winners from the Chipmunk and Bear groups with their certificates.

[Summer Reading Winner from the Bunny Group, 1998]

The summer reading winner from the Bunny group.

[Las Senora Flamencas Dance Group, 1998]

Dance group, Las Senora Flamencas, performing for a group of summer readers.

[Dennis Crammer Performing Yo Yo Tricks, 1998]

Dennis Crammer, Yo Yo Man, showing yo yo tricks to summer readers.

[Critterman and Friends Speaking to Summer Readers, 1998]

Critterman and Friends educating summer readers on animals.

[Children Wearing Animal Face Masks, 1998]

Children wearing animal face masks for the animal mask parade of the 1998 summer reading program.

Homecoming Queen and King Nominees, 1998

1998 nominees.JPG
The 1998 Homecoming Court is in front row Carrie Williamson, Shannon Fitzgerald, Mika Helsley, Jennifer Leach, Jill Eldridge, Angela Taylor, Becky Vaughn, Erin Dowdy, and in the back row Chad Hall, Melvin Crosby, Logan Dorman, Joel Ziegler, Tony…