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[Children Wearing Animal Face Masks, 1998]

Children wearing animal face masks for the animal mask parade of the 1998 summer reading program.

[Critterman and Friends Speaking to Summer Readers, 1998]

Critterman and Friends educating summer readers on animals.

[Dennis Crammer Performing Yo Yo Tricks, 1998]

Dennis Crammer, Yo Yo Man, showing yo yo tricks to summer readers.

[Las Senora Flamencas Dance Group, 1998]

Dance group, Las Senora Flamencas, performing for a group of summer readers.

[Summer Reading Winner from the Bunny Group, 1998]

The summer reading winner from the Bunny group.

[Summer Reading Winners from the Chipmunk and Bear Groups, 1998]

Summer reading winners from the Chipmunk and Bear groups with their certificates.

[McKinney Fire Department Visiting the Library, 1998]

McKinney Fire Department visiting summer readers during the 1998 summer reading program.

Cheerleaders Robin Cowlishaw and Angela Suarez in Parade, 1998

1998 Cheeleaders in parade.JPG
"Riding in the back of a convertible during the parade, juniors Robin Cowlishaw and Angel Suarez show their support."