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[SRP Flyer, 1990]

A flyer promoting the Texas Summer Reading Program theme "The Secret Code Is...Read".

Freshman Homecoming Parade Float, 1990

1990 Freshman float.jpg
"The Freshman class' First Place Float "Rock Up the Cougars."

Senior Float for Homecoming Parade, 1990

1990 Senior Float.jpg
"Seniors Kyle Gillespie, Warren Owens and Chris Tutson are ready to 'Rock the Cougars.'"

Sophomore Class Homecoming Parade Float, 1990

1990 Sophmore float.JPG
"The Sophomores' hard work earned their float Second Place."

Leading the Marquettes, 1990

1990 Drill Team leading parade.JPG
"Marquette Elise Robinson and Marquette manager Anita Moussa lead the drill team in the parade."

Homecoming Queen Nominees, 1990

1990 Queen nominees.JPG
The Homecoming Queen nominees anxiously await the announcement with their escorts.

Football Players Running Through Banner, 1990

1990 Football team takes the field.JPG
"The Lions burst onto the field with a roar."


Marquettes Preforming, 1990

1990 Drill Team performing.JPG
"The Marquettes end their routine with a proud smile."