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  • Interviewer is exactly "Mike Apsey"

Mrs. Griffin: The Old Thompson House

An interview with Mrs. Aubrey Griffin and her sister, Mrs. Ruth Wilson, about their family home

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Myers: McKinney

[Picture of Mr. & Mrs. John F.  Myers]
An interview with Mr. and Mrs. John F. Myers, residents of McKinney

Mr. W. M Jeter: McKinney

An interview with Mr. W. M. Jeter, a resident of McKinney

Mr. G. Richardson: Plano

An interview with Mr. G. Richardson, a resident of Plano

Max Bomar: McKinney

An interview with Mr. Max Bomar, a resident of McKinney

Marshall Watkins: Mule Teams in Texas

[A mule team pulling a wagon of men and "loot"]
An interview with Mr. Marshall Watkins about the history of mule team use in Texas

Ira Boren: Frognot

[Picture of five gentlemen setting in front of a building that says "Welcome to Frognot"]
An interview with Mr. Ira Boren, a resident of Frognot

Grady Mills: Law in McKinney

[Picture of Grady Mills]
An interview with Mr. Grady Mills, a resident of McKinney, about the murder of his brother and the hanging of Ezell Stepp