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Clarence Cox: Early McKinney Schools

Picture of Clarence Cox
Clarence Cox discusses early schools in McKinney, Texas.

Mr. E. B. Nelson: McKinney

[Picture of E. B. Nelson]
An interview with Mr. E. B. Nelson, a resident of McKinney

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Davis: McKinney's Dairy

[Picture of J. W. Davis]
An interview with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Davis, residents of McKinney, about the history of McKinney and their former business, Davis Dairy

Benton Staley: Frisco

[Picture of Benton Staley]
An interview with Benton Staley, a resident of Frisco

Mr. and Mrs. H. Knight: Fairview

An interview with Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Knight, residents of Fairview

Railroads in Early Texas

Railyard when cotton was king
An interview with two railroad engineers from Plano about the history of the railroad in Collin County

Mrs. Jessie McNeil: Early McKinney

An interview with Mrs. Jessie McNeil, a resident of McKinney

Mrs. J. Lyman Davis

An interview with Mrs. J. Lyman Davis, a resident of McKinney