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Women of Collin County


As Women's History Month approaches, MPLS celebrates the achievements and contributions of women in Collin County, Texas. From pioneering leaders in business and politics to educators and activists, women have played a vital role in shaping our community. Their contributions have made Collin County a better place to live, work, and raise a family. We recognize and honor the resilience, strength, and courage of the women who have made history in Collin County.

McKinney Veterans


McKinney Public Library System is honored to highlight the service members of our community who made the choice to leave their homes and loved ones to serve our nation. 

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McKinney Saloon Tour

A huge thank you to McKinney resident Steve Powell for providing the narration to this tour.

Thank you for taking the Saloons tour of the Historic McKinney Square. For more information on McKinney’s history, please visit Helen Gibbard Hall Genealogy and Local History Center located in the Roy and Helen Hall Memorial Library.

McKinney's Hispanic Heritage


From colorful festivals to influential leaders, the Hispanic community is embedded into McKinney's history. As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage month, browse pictures of the people and events that helped shape McKinney.

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McKinney's Summer Reading Programs through the Years


The tradition of the Summer Reading Program goes back decades for the McKinney Public Libraries. The program is aimed at encouraging everyone to read during the summer months while also providing fun and educational programs. Come along on a pictural journey of McKinney's Summer Reading Program through the years.

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Collin County - The Way it Was: As Told by the Pioneers Who Lived it's History


Bicentennial Oral History Project, 1976, edited by Mike Apsey 

These oral history audio files are all available in MP3 format for download. They are also available as non-circulating CD’s in our Genealogy Department at the Roy and Helen Hall Library.

Homecoming: a McKinney Tradition

1994 Students with Lions paint.JPG

Homecoming is a McKinney tradition since the mid-1900s. It is a tradition of inviting former students and the surrounding community to participate in several spirited festivities throughout the week ending with a football game. Though the events have evolved throughout the years, the tradition of homecoming continues at all of the McKinney high schools.

Reminisce through the decades of Homecoming court, Queens and Kings, and memories of homecoming festivities.

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