McKinney's Summer Reading Programs through the Years


The tradition of the Summer Reading Program goes back decades for the McKinney Public Libraries. The program is aimed at encouraging everyone to read during the summer months while also providing fun and educational programs. Come along on a pictural journey of McKinney's Summer Reading Program through the years.

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[Mythical Pink Mermaid, 2021]

<a href="/items/browse?advanced%5B0%5D%5Belement_id%5D=50&advanced%5B0%5D%5Btype%5D=is+exactly&advanced%5B0%5D%5Bterms%5D=%5BMythical+Pink+Mermaid%2C+2021%5D">[Mythical Pink Mermaid, 2021]</a>
A mythical pink mermaid talking with young patrons during the Wild Adventures Through Mythical Lands event.

[McKinney FFA at Wild Adventures: On the Farm, 2021]

<a href="/items/browse?advanced%5B0%5D%5Belement_id%5D=50&advanced%5B0%5D%5Btype%5D=is+exactly&advanced%5B0%5D%5Bterms%5D=%5BMcKinney+FFA+at+Wild+Adventures%3A+On+the+Farm%2C+2021%5D">[McKinney FFA at Wild Adventures: On the Farm, 2021]</a>
McKinney FFA students at the Wild Adventures: On the Farm event.

[Young Patrons During the Jurassic Dig, 2021]

<a href="/items/browse?advanced%5B0%5D%5Belement_id%5D=50&advanced%5B0%5D%5Btype%5D=is+exactly&advanced%5B0%5D%5Bterms%5D=%5BYoung+Patrons+During+the+Jurassic+Dig%2C+2021%5D">[Young Patrons During the Jurassic Dig, 2021]</a>
Summer readers searching for fossils at the Jurassic Dig for the event Wild Adventures: Jurassic Tour.
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