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The History of the McKinney Public Library

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The McKinney Public Library as we know it was started in 1927, although efforts from the Owl Club started as early as 1894. The library has evolved from one bookshelf in the back of Smith Drug to a thriving system with two branches across the city. Let’s journey through the past to discover how the McKinney Public Library became what it is today and who the people were that made it successful. 

McKinney Saloon Tour

Join us on a tour McKinney's old west saloons, and enjoy some of the stories associated with these saloons.
A huge thank you to McKinney resident Steve Powell for providing the narration to this tour.

Thank you for taking the Saloons tour of the Historic McKinney Square. For more information on McKinney’s history, please visit Helen Gibbard Hall Genealogy and Local History Center located in the Roy and Helen Hall Memorial Library.

Collin County - The Way it Was: As Told by the Pioneers Who Lived it's History


Bicentennial Oral History Project, 1976, edited by Mike Apsey 

These oral history audio files are all available in MP3 format for download. They are also available as non-circulating CD’s in our Genealogy Department at the Roy and Helen Hall Library.